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Meet Alcove Art Therapy & Counselling

Alcove: A safe tucked away space, in your home, in nature, in a church, in your heart.  A place for wellness and healing. 

At Alcove Art Therapy, I know that you want to live in sync  and be well with the world; your  environment, your relationships, your work, and your soul, but trauma and mental illness can make that challenging.  

I believe that everyone can experience inner healing and wholeness, if we learn which tools to use that  bring peace to the chaos in our minds and self. 

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Consultation Services

Getting started is very simple: 
1. Just give me a call and we’ll spend 20 minutes talking about what is going on.  (That call is always free.)  
2. We will book an introductory session.  
3. You will add a tool to your mental health tool kit.  
There really isn’t any reason to put this off any longer! Why not give me a call and just  see how art therapy can help you get in sync with the world and people around you, and  the soul within you.

What is Art Therapy

"Art therapy combines the creative process and psychotherapy, facilitating self-exploration and understanding. Using imagery, colour and shape as part of this creative therapeutic process, thoughts and feelings can be expressed that would otherwise be difficult to articulate. 

There are certain qualifications required of art therapists.

In Canada and the United States, art therapists must have at minimum a master’s degree or a master’s level diploma in art therapy before identifying themselves within the profession. This graduate level education includes supervised clinical practicum hours (minimum requirement for all practicums is 700 hours and at least 350 of these hours should involve direct client contact), thus ensuring the safety of the client as well as professional liability for agencies and employers offering this form of therapy." 

Canadian Art Therapy Association (CATA)

Child and Therapist

What will a session look like?

We will talk and create art.  There is no need to have any art skills.  It may be a simple drawing to explain something, it could be working with something tactile, or could be creating a representation of something.  The art is part of the process, it serves as symbol or it gives insight.

Try it out!

Take a group class to see if you like making art as part of self discovery.  Do one or two sessions, schedule weekly or monthly appointments. 

You have everything to gain.  Therapy and counselling helps us feel well.  It is an investment in you or your child.  We spend money on services we value, therapy, or a massage, a dinner out, a vacation... If cost is a barrier a sliding scale can be arranged.

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"One is not always happy when one is good; but one is always good when one is happy"

Oscar Wilde

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Alcove Art Therapy & Counselling

Joye Platford
B. Ed, B. Th., M. Div, AT Dip WHEAT

Art Therapy and Counselling for all:

  • Adults dealing with life transitions, loss and trauma

  • Children making sense of life, ADHD, Anxiety, anger, grief, FASD 

  • Seniors for memory and emotional support

  • Children in foster care, making sense of family relationships 

Services provided in person, or online. Sessions for individuals, or group workshops.  I can travel outside of Beausejour or Pinawa for an additional travel fee. 

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